"Simple Plan is the PERFECT Franchise" - FBA Co-Founder

"Simple Plan is the PERFECT Franchise" - FBA Co-Founder

One of Simple Plan Franchising's owners is Eric Riess, the Co-Founder of the Franchise Broker's Association and an attorney and CPA with nearly 40 years of franchising experience.


He's a franchising insider.


As part of his legacy, he has sought for decades to build the perfect franchise.  


The perfect franchise to him minimizes risk and effort while maximizing return.


But to build a franchise, you have to first find the perfect, proven business model upon which to build.



Finding that proven core business has not been easy.  


He believes that he has now found it in Midwest Meals and Simple Plan.


Simple Plan has so many features that are lacking in almost every other franchise opportunity out there.  Here's the lucky 13!


  1.  Low investment (just over $100,000)

  1.  Low hour commitment from the owner (20 hours or less a week)

  1.  Huge territories that are contractually guaranteed to not overlap

  1.  Low lease risk (800 square feet of class B retail)

  1.  Royalties of 3% and less (depending on retail price of meal)

  1.  Low employee requirement (under 5 full time equivalents)

  1.  Proprietary best in class supplements upon which no royalty is paid

  1.  A proven core business that has been operating since 2016 in a town of approximately 60,000 people and which sells well over 80,000 meals a year

  1.  Return / repeat, loyal customer base

  1.  Marketing done, primarily, through social media (you don't need to be a marketing professional to get this done)

  1.  Recession resistant products

  1.  One of the lowest brand promotion fees in franchising

  1. Encourages accretive wealth building (Simple Plan encourages its franchisees to own other business / streams of revenue)


Built by true entrepreneurs and franchise professionals.


Eric intends to build his franchising legacy with Simple Plan and intends to help hundreds of others do the same.


Join our growing franchise at Simple Plan.  Let's build our legacies together!

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