Bringing Good Food and Nutrition: Simple Plan Columbia's Kick-Off Luncheon

Bringing Good Food and Nutrition: Simple Plan Columbia's Kick-Off Luncheon

Columbia, SC - We've just put the "hooray" in a healthy kick-off, and let us tell you, it was nothing short of a flavor-packed, awesome event! Simple Plan Columbia proudly teamed up with the Greater Irmo Chamber of Commerce for a luncheon that left taste buds tingling and the community buzzing with excitement.

President Dan Beck and Brett Pecha, journeyed all the way from Wisconsin to support franchisee's Billy and Emilie Keene, bringing their passion for good food and healthy living to the heart of Columbia.

Spreading Good Food, One Meal at a Time:

If there's one thing we're all about, it's dishing up meals that are both delish AND nutritious. We had around 100 folks, even congressman Joe Wilson in the mix, and we made sure they got a taste of what Simple Plan's all about. Picture this: Honey BBQ Chicken that's finger-licking good, Lean Turkey Tacos that give a spicy twist to lean protein, and wait for it – Cookies & Cream Overnight Oats, because breakfast with 40+ grams of protein is a game changer.

From Protein Balls to Happy Tummies:

Oh, and did we mention the Banana Chocolate Chip Protein Balls? They're our little bites of happiness, proving that snacks can be both tasty and guilt-free. We're all about balance, after all!

A Community that is BUZZING:

To say the event went great is an understatement. The Chamber CEO said this: "I loved both meal options but I think the tacos were my jam today. Delish. Perfect portions for both options. Broccoli was perfectly cooked and not overdone. Chicken was juicy and sauce was not overpowering. The chocolate oats were sinful and my son just finished them off. You are the family are dynamos. Congrats on a job well done! 🏆"

More than Just Meals:

Yet, beyond the deliciousness, the event was about bringing a healthier lifestyle right to the community's doorstep. Simple Plan Columbia spilled the beans about their preorders and website going LIVE, letting everyone know that they could have their meals ready for pickup from a cooler on St. Andrews Road. And for those who live for convenience, doorstep delivery is now a reality – a surefire way to keep on track with your diet.

Dreaming Big, Right Here:

What's even more exciting is the vision Simple Plan Columbia has for the future. They're hustling to secure gym cooler drop-off spots and even a storefront for grab-and-go meals!

A New Chapter Begins:

As the evening wound down, it was clear that Simple Plan Columbia's kick-off event was more than just a luncheon – it was a gathering of people who care about the community. With a congressman in the mix and satisfied bellies, it's safe to say Simple Plan Columbia is going to make a huge impact in the community.

In Columbia, health and happiness are coming together, one tasty bite at a time. With preorders, easy pickups, doorstep deliveries, and a soon-to-be storefront, it's obvious that Simple Plan Columbia is all about making good food and good health accessible to everyone.


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